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This site only loads once! This greatly improves performance and makes the user experience much better! Try clicking on the menu links, you will see that the content changes but the page does not reload! 💻

GSAP is a library allowing to make javascript animations. I use it a lot for complex animations.

More than 40% of online sites have been made with Wordpress! 🔥

NuxtJS is a Vue framework, itself a JavaScript framework! It was imagined and created in part by French people: Sébastien and Alexandre Chopin! 🇫🇷

This site is linked with a headless CMS (content management tool): Prismic. I use CMS for my clients so they can be free to modify their site! 🚀

I learned to code on the zero site when I was younger. This site created by Mathieu Nebra has become OpenClassrooms! 👨‍🎓 is coded with Next.js. it's a framework of React, the very famous library invented by Jordan Walke, engineer at Facebook, in 2011. 👨‍💻

Next.js is a React-based web development framework that seamlessly combines the best features of React with advanced server-side rendering and routing capabilities. It was designed to simplify the creation of fast, scalable and search engine optimized web applications. It is used here! 🔆

The very first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. It was a simple HTML document with links to other pages. It was the year of my birth and it does not make me any younger! 👴

The very first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. It was a simple HTML document with links to other pages. It was the year of my birth and it does not make me any younger! 👴

The term "computer bug" was popularized in 1947 when Grace Hopper, a computer pioneer, found a real insect (a butterfly) stuck in a relay in her computer. Since then, the word "bug" has been used to describe software errors and glitches. 🦋

The first programmable electronic computer was created in 1946 and was called the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). It was over 4 meters tall and weighed around 27 tons. 🚛

The first webcam was used to monitor a coffee maker in a laboratory at the University of Cambridge in 1991. It was set up to allow team members to know whether the coffee maker was empty or not before moving to have a cup of coffee.

The term "robot" was first introduced in 1920 by Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play "R.U.R." It comes from the Czech word "robota", which means "forced labor" or "bondage".

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. Ronald Wayne left the company after just 12 days and sold his share for $800. Today, that share would be worth billions of dollars. 🍏

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My last project

Agence BRUNO

Bruno agency at Rouen

The stages of your web project


Choice of technology

Depending on some projects, the choice of technology differs. I mainly work with 2 technologies: NextJS (React) & NuxtJS (Vue) which offer excellent performance and allow you to easily link the Prismic CMS.

Integration & development

I start to integrate all the elements and develop the necessary features specific to your project. During this step, I make sure that the code is clean, well-built and above all pixel perfect so that the design you provide to me corresponds perfectly with the final result.


Before putting the site online, it will be hosted on Netlify or Vercel of your choice and you will have access to the link so that you can see the result live before it goes into production. This allows you to fix any bugs and test the functionality of the site. You will also have Prismic access to start editing content. (1 hour of training included).


Your site is ready! It's time to put it online! I will proceed with the final transfer of the Netlify/Vercel account to yours, as well as the source code on your Github, and finally the transfer of Prismic. You are then fully the owner of your website!


I make sure that your site has the best possible result with the technical constraints that I have. (Sometimes the call to certain APIs comes to slow down this result for example). You can check the score of your site on PageSpeed ​​Insights.

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